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My Background

I was born into an organized religious family. And although it was a safe and loving family, I always felt out of place, knowing there was more than what was being shared.

After claiming my own at age 13, I began exploring the world from all perspectives. This led me to work with herbs and crystals for not only myself but to help those around me.


The opening to my abilities became more and more present as I continued on this path of healing. Reiki, Psychopomp, Space Clearings all entered in around the same time. It wasn't until I found the studies of ancient wisdom did my world finally make sense.


I am supported to be a part of something much larger. I am one. I am connected.

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Amanda is a performing artist, photographer/graphic artist, and ceremonialist. As a shamanic practitioner with the Power Path School of Shamanism, she focuses on removing blocks that no longer serve the higher self nor the collective thus opening the door to one’s medicine through true life’s work. 

Amanda is the former Director of Operations for the Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange, former Director of Events and Media and Shamanism Without Borders Leader with Society for Shamanic Practice, and owner of Wild Crane Photography


 Let's connect!


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