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Sunset in Mountain

Workshops & Mentoring

Understanding the Medicine Wheel

What is a medicine wheel and how can each direction support us in our daily lives?

Understanding Personalities

How can we identify and work with the different personalities within ourselves. How can this information help us understand others?

Working with Allies

What are allies and how can we cultivate a strong relationship with them?

Life as Ceremony

What if we were to wake each morning as if a day to celebrate. Learn tools to live each day as if precious.

Conscience Thoughts

Take control of your thoughts and direct them to work with you not against you. Learn how to track the distractions and the root cause.

What is Your Medicine?

Each of us have unique abilities that stand out above the rest. How can we use our medicine to help better the world?

* There are many more topics offered. If you are interested in customizing a mentorship program or would like to discuss other options for topics reach out below for more information.


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